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A bit more on iLAND and Daniele Oppizzi


Gold is in the sky!

Leading the way to a better world for future generations has always been the modus operandi of iLAND. The founder, Dan Oppizzi, has been working with solar energy since he was 8 years old. Dan has been compiling all innovations in order to develop the best solution to reduce man’s ecological and energy impact on his environment.

To think differently, to reduce costs and profit to create a solar green home accessible to all. THAT is the philosophy of iLAND, always.

ILAND se veut honnêtement meilleur et transparent. Inutile d’attendre encore pour changer le monde. Nous sommes prêts à faire les premiers pas et nous savons que vous l’êtes autant que nous.

iLAND is exceptional and transparent. There is no need to wait any longer to change the world. We are ready to take the first steps and we know you are too.

In order to earn your trust we have obtained CSA 2017 certification, a very demanding new step in the certification process that we might be the first to receive. Constructions standards are scrutinized with the utmost care; a flaw, even unintentional, would make us lose our certification. We are ready now to take on the challenges of tomorrow.


Dan Oppizzi, president of iLAND, is an architect by training. 35 years ago he built the first solar homes in Switzerland and he holds master’s degrees in environmental engineering and business administration.

“I discovered wooden factory built housing here in Quebec. I found a way to integrate all my knowledge and experience of the last 30 years in solar architecture in one product, the iLAND house.”

Dan holds more than 15 international solar patents and is also the author of the book “Solar Homes Will Save the Planet” (Les maisons solaires sauveront la planète) to be published later this year.

Although the Centre de Développement ILAND (CDI) is a young company, the iLAND team is made up of construction experts (RBQ), real estate specialists, energy engineers and architects. All these people will be there to help you choose your dream home.

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