Continuous quality control to ensure your tranquility.

Our homes are built in a factory with the highest standards for passive houses. They are therefore easy to certify LEED bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

We strictly follow the rules of our manual for quality control written according to CSA A277 QC. This control is used to measure, examine, validate one or more characteristics of a construction, and compare the results to the specified requirements to determine whether compliance is achieved for each characteristic.

The approach of Constructions iLAND, is to establish the procedures that are relevant to the operation of the organization.

The following four quality controls are performed to ensure your home is built impeccably :

  1. Inspections in the factory by the production authority.
  2. Monitoring by iLAND management of the production results on a stand-alone basis.
  3. Checks done by trained professionals for specific facilities (electrical, plumbing, solar, kitchens, roofing, etc.)
  4. Spot checks by QAI on compliance with construction quality and control rules.
Société Québécoise des Manufacturiers d’Habitation.
Association managing the certification of passive homes in Canada.
Canada Green Building Council Green Certification.

An independent organization that supports professionals and individuals in the development of sustainable housing projects.
ILAND works in partnership with Ecohome.

QAI is a senior organization for CSA certification controls in Quebec.